Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The sweetest lullaby...

In my attempt to expose my little one to Indian music as early as possible, I started playing him some of my favorite songs recently. He really took to most of the songs I played for him, but nothing compares to this one classic piece that I play every single time to put him to bed. This song must definitely be the most popular Malayalam lullaby ever. Every Mallu person I know must've had this song sung to them by their mothers early on in life. And boy! Was I glad that I re-discovered this one for my little one.

And upon some further investigation about the history of this song, I was super surprised to find that this was not a regular 'movie song', but a poem written by Irayimman Thampi, a gifted composer for a very special baby - Rama Varma, also known as Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, one of the greatest rulers, and a patron of art and music in Kerala. And it comes as no surprise that Neel is fast asleep by the time the song ends, as it is supposedly sung in a raaga that induces sleep, with lyrics that rings true in every mothers heart...

Listen to a rendition of "Omanathinkal kidavo" here

Is he the darling baby of the moon?
Is he a very pretty lotus flower?
Is he the honey filled inside the flower?
Is he the soothing light of the full moon?
Is he the newly formed coral reef?
Is he prattling of the parrots?
Is he the slowly moving peacock?
Is he the sweet song by the Nightingale?
Is he a jumping baby of the deer?
Is he the swan which shines?
Is he the treasure given by God?
Is he the parrot held by Parvathy?


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Sasidhar said...

ha ha, nice!

My niece has a similar lullaby for sleeping :)
Same music, same pillow, same spot, and same teddy bear required to fall asleep!

How's mommy Uma doing these days?