Thursday, July 30, 2009


I finally did it. I finished reading Shantaram. This was the first time I took months to complete a book. Considering that it's generally not in my nature to take too long to finish a book, I thought it needs a special mention.

In my view, Shantaram is a very unique book. If you've ever lived in Bombay, or even spent some time there you will absolutely love it. I think that's kind of why I really liked the book. I've always loved the maddening crowds, food joints, shopping, and most of all, the old world charm that the city has. The book really revolves around the lives of a variety of people from slum dwellers to the famous Bombay underworld. Absolutely love it. Of course, the main dude of the book - Linbaba. Heard Johnny Depp is playing him in the movie version. Major drool factor. Will watch it, first day, first show ;)

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